Rickho nos hace soñar con Dreaming Videoclip

Rickho, el artista Alicantino es un destacado en cuanto a sorpresas se refiere, bajo una máscara enigmática nos puede hacer reír, temer, o como es en este caso, Soñar.

Dreaming es el nuevo single videoclip perteneciente a su ultimo proyecto en solitario, “TrapGod”


Rodado en “Gods Valley” consigue formar una obra maestra junto a su música y la pieza visual realizada por “RawShotzs

Actualmente, Rickho se encuentra pendiente de anunciar la fecha de su próximo disco previsto para primeros de 2018.

Mientras tanto, puedes escuchar o descargar “TrapGod” en los siguientes enlaces:

Rickho TrapGod ITuneshttps://itunes.apple.com/es/album/trapgod-vol-1-ep/1217886210

Rickho TrapGod SpotifyRickho – Trapgod, Vol. 1

Rickho Redes Sociales:

RickhoTwitter & Instagram: @El_Chicorey

RICKHO - DREAMING + LYRIC (Official music video)
11 diciembre 2017
© Todos los derechos reservados. Barcelo Records Entertainments. ARTIST NAME : RICKHO (@El_Chicorey)- yosoyrickho@gamail.com SONG TITLE : DREAMING ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A song from last mixtape named 'TrapGod" released on March 2017 FILMED BY: @rawshotzs in AZ (GODS VALLEY) -----------------------LYRICS ------------------- RICKHO - DREAMING BAR 1 I’ve been dreaming, i was sleeping with an angel dreaming, i’ve been siting on a throne I’ve been dreaming, loving you for ever dreaming, not dreaming it at all Lesions from the streets made me strong I’m coming from my faults now i’m grown clouds on my face, feets on the grown reality never goes on You fighting for labels and religions I'm focused on my job and ambitions War on my mind for decisions truths on my mouth, revelations. Don't ask me to be real if you don't don't pay me with the money you’ve been stole don't label me gangster anymore I'm honest, I’m pure, I'm God I love living as a King Enjoying the life like I don't need it Getting emotion from everything Filling my soul to top before i leave [CHORUS ] I DON'T WANNA BE FOREVER SHINING ALL ALONE I FREE MY SOUL FOREVER CAUSE I JUST WANNA LIVE MAN I JUST WANNA LIVE [BRIDGE] i remember mother told me be the greatest I remember mother told me to be top the world I guarantee my name on tongue females I guarantee my name on the greatest walls Yeah i care about the money... i care about them girls i care in small things, for sure they make me fun [ BARS 2 ] They say i gotta go to jail...if i wanna fly with my music They say i gotta go to jail...if i wanna get into the industry They say i gotta go to jail if I wanna make it to be super star They say i need to go to jail…If i wanna fill the magazines cover Not a big deal...i just need a shot over D. Trump Not a big deal...of i can take your mind to understand it. [‘Cause i was trapped in the ground and now I’m flying higher than the birds ] x 2 [CHORRUS ] + [ BRIDGE] --------------------------------- #trapgod #trap #hiphop #rnb #postmalone #monumentvalley #kayenta #vibes #sensation

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